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Watch Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are born between 1946 and 1964, and well-established in their careers while holding positions of authority and power. Many individuals from this group represent a majority of today’s law firm corporate executives, leaders, legal managers and senior paralegals. It is a fact that almost 70% of law partners are baby boomers.

Surveys show that close to 80 million baby boomers will leave their workplace in the next decade. We can watch baby boomers retire at the rate of 8,000 baby boomers per day, or if we do the math, more than 300 of them per hour. The loss of baby boomer executives, senior support stuff and other legal thought leaders might dramatically affect the world's legal industry. We all watch baby boomers daily in different missions and can learn a lot from their generation. Baby boomers are extremely hardworking, motivated by prestige, perks and positions. They enjoy their long work weeks and define themselves through their professional accomplishments. Any people who are not independent enough should watch baby boomers' work ethic and their commitment to their workplace, and how that led them to being self-reliant, independent and confident individuals. Baby boomers also belong to the group of career-focused, dedicated and achievement-oriented people who did not have as much benefit from the internet as we have today, so they had to watch other fellow baby boomers and learn from the advanced ones.

Baby boomer generation is educated, strive to win, resourceful and highly competitive in the workplace. Those are enough reasons, for us to watch baby boomers create spectacular art of business and learn from them along the way.