The Show: Baby Boomers in America

BABY BOOMERS IN AMERICA is an engaging, affirmative and constructive new television series...

Exploring the challenges and opportunities our vast baby boomer population encounters. The series will explore all aspects of the Boomer lifestyle with the goal to empower, educate, inspire and entertain viewers of all ages.

Series Topics Include:

Aging Gracefully

  • Looking Younger Without Cosmetic Procedure
  • How To Look 10 Pounds Slimmer By Picking The Right Clothes

Staying Fit And Healthy After 50

  • Fitness Centers That Cater To Individuals Over 50
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: How Does It Work And What Doesn’t Work?
  • Cholesterol: What Do The Numbers Mean And How To Control It?
  • Work Out At Home: Make Your Every Day Chores Your Workout Routine
  • Choosing A Weight-Loss Program That Works For You

Preparing For Retirement

  • Get What You Want From Your Retirement Plan With Advice From True Experts

Smart Investments

  • Real Estate: Tips From Real Brokers On When To Sell, When To Buy And When To Stay Put.
  • Career: Changing Careers After 50

Love And Relationships

  • Understanding Your Mate
  • Online Dating
  • The Little Pill
  • Rediscovering Desire


  • The Ultimate Cruises For Boomers
  • Exotic Vacation Destinations
  • Getting Rewards From Your Vacations
  • Booking Travel Online

Home And Entertainment

  • Making Over Your Home On A Budget
  • Preparing The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Quick, Elegant, Hassle-Free Get Together’s At Home

Keeping Up With Technology

  • Personal Home Computers Vs. Laptops: What’s Best For Me?
  • Shopping For A New Television: Plasma Or LCD?
  • GPS: Why Do I Need One?
  • Satellite Radio: Why Should I Have It?