Hearing Loss Solutions: Baby Boomers and Using the Phone Independently Again!


This segment of Baby Boomers in America features Sprint CapTel, a captioned telephone. Sprint CapTel offers individuals with hearing loss the advantage of reading written captions to help understand what their callers are saying. Individuals can listen and speak to their callers while at the same time read captions on the phone’s built-in display screen. The captioning process is provided transparently and can be turned on or off at any time during the call. The CapTel phone is designed specifically for use with high-speed Internet (or Wi-Fi) service and a standard telephone line (analog or digital).

In addition to the standard CapTel phone, Sprint also offers an app for select Android-powered devices called Wireless CapTel by Sprint. This state of the art app allows users to read conversations with real-time word-for-word captions on their wireless phones. Wireless CapTel by Sprint users place a call in the same way they would when using a traditional phone – by dialing their caller’s telephone number directly on the device. The revolutionary application then connects callers directly to the CapTel service when the phone is dialed. When the receiving party answers, the CapTel caller can listen to what the other person is saying and read captions on the wireless phone’s display screen. The free application can be downloaded on select Android 2.2 or higher devices from the Google Play Store. For more information about the service, go to www.sprintcaptel.com .