Essilor of America - better vision/progressive lenses


Essilor of America, the nation’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses, continues to educate consumers on the benefits of Varilux® lenses through the expansion of a national advertising campaign and the launch of a new website. Varilux is the leading progressive lens to correct presbyopia, the most widespread vision problem in the world.

“The first phase of our Varilux campaign was hugely successful, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to reach even more consumers,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “By illustrating the impact eyesight has on every part of our lives, these ads promote not just the Varilux brand, but the overall importance of working with an eye care professional to achieve strong, healthy vision.”

Earlier this year, the Varilux campaign increased in scope from television and radio to include digital and print advertising and a redesigned website. The new site features elements of the advertising campaign, more consumer-focused content, side-by-side demonstrations of Varilux performance and its patented technology. The new site also has a responsive design that adjusts based on the viewing device. The site also displays resources for eye care professionals and includes a highly-visible ECP locator on every page. The ECP locator, has seen 500 percent more use since the TV spots began airing in April.

The ads demonstrate the ways blurry vision negatively affects day-to-day life, promoting Varilux as the top progressive lens solution and the only provider of the groundbreaking W.A.V.E. Technology: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement™, which identifies and removes lens high order aberrations to deliver sharper vision. The campaign will also employ new Varilux Point-of-Purchase (POP) materials, which provides a direct link between the advertising and the ECP practice, facilitating recommendations of the product and discussions between consumers and their providers.

The strategy is part of Essilor’s continued efforts to generate brand awareness and encourage patients to ask their eye care professionals about Varilux lenses.

While presbyopia affects everyone over the age of 45, more than half of those with presbyopia don’t receive adequate correction. By 2020, it’s estimated that 2.3 billion people will have presbyopia, making the promotion of the Varilux brand a worthwhile investment for Essilor, especially in its continued work to drive new patients to ECPs. Since the invention of Varilux in 1959, Essilor has led the way in presbyopia research and product development, cultivating Varilux into the most recognized progressive lens brand in the industry. A total of 300 million people around the world wear or have worn Varilux lenses, with a new wearer every three seconds.

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