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Baby Boomers in America

Baby boomers in America, are persons who were born in the years from 1946 to 1959, during the well known demographic Post-World II baby boom. Many times the words "baby boomers" will be used in a cultural context. Different scholars, organizations and groups, might have different opinions when it comes to a question of what makes a baby boomer, both culturally and technically.

The term "baby boomer" gained widespread, popular usage at the time when people attempted to determine the historical impact of the generation and broad cultural similarities. Baby boomers in America associate with a redefinition or rejection of traditional values. Baby boomers in North America and Europe often get associated with privilege because a lot of them grew up in times of various government subsidies in post-war education and housing, and increasing wealth. That generation was the wealthiest and healthiest group of people to that time, who was growing up in a life full of enthusiasm for the world to improve in the upcoming years. Among different features of baby boomers in America, there was a one where they thought of themselves like a truly unique and hugely different generation from the ones that had come before.

By the early 1960s, many baby boomers became teenagers and young adults, who then created a unique rhetoric around their cohort, which had a significant impact in the self perceptions of the baby boomers in America. The baby boom period has been refer to as a "shockwave" and represented a demographic bulge which largely remodeled society to as we know it today.